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Action Sports have evolved from being unconventional activities that a minority of people once participated in; to being mainstream sports with events that have relevance in popular culture outside of a purely sporting context.  As the sports participation and viewership has expanded, the risks taken by athletes and demanded by the viewing public have escalated.  CASS aims to look at this unstudied group from amateurs to professionals, children to adults, currently active vs. retired athletes, to better understand these athletes and ultimately provide them with the best evidence based practice methodology in sports medicine based on the specific demands of their sports.

There is very little information in the scientific literature, as evidenced by the lack of scholarly publications in medically based journals on these athletes. Most of what is available are case studies and retrospective studies looking at the impact of new action sport facilities on the impact of Emergency Room visits in the same geographic regions, to see if these facilities increase the case-load in these ER’s. The academic community, can and needs to do better than we have done thus far.  Very little has been done to look at how and why these athletes get injured, and how to positively impact these factors, until now.  It is our goal here at CASS to constructively contribute both within and to the Action Sports community.