To better understand and address the needs of Action Sports Athletes by learning about the injuries (including incidence and prevalence) they sustain and understanding the culture and the demands within this athletic community. Action Sports Athletes have a high inherent risk of injury, due to the nature of their sports, but unlike many traditional Athletes they tend to be individual versus team sports, and are not performed in “traditional” or school settings.  Often, these Athletes do not have access to onsite medical personnel when they are training or even during competition (especially at the recreational and amateur levels).  It is the goal of the center to identify the needs of these Athletes and determine if:

  1. The Athletes needs are being met
  2. There is continuity of care from incidence of injury through return to competition
  3. Determine if/how Athletes minimize risk of injury, and if/how these behaviors can be increased
  4. Determine if the personal protective equipment is:
    1. Used
    2. Effective
    3. As effective as it could be