Other Links

There are many other internet resources for identifying undergraduate journals and conferences.  Most appear to be less complete than the UJCD and few are as frequently or carefully edited.  Nevertheless, it is often the case that other lists will include one or more journals or conferences that we have not found.   The appearance of a resource on our list of other directories is not an endorsement, nor does it mean that the link has been checked recently for functionality.  A decent search engine will also identify undergraduate journals and conferences, but this is probably the least efficient way of targeting venues for your work.  They are unable to distinguish the hundreds of “in-house only” publications with a web presence from the few that will accept the work of undergraduates at other institutions.  Moreover, many of the web sites located by search engines are for defunct journals or conferences that have already been held.
That said, here are some links to other directories.

GENERAL » JYI Resources Index – Click on “undergraduate publications” or on “conferences for undergrads”

PHILOSOPHY » Undergraduate Philosophy Journals, Conferences, & Essay Contests – Ferit Güven’s (Earlham College) list for undergraduate philosophers (formerly Peter Suber’s)