HurstPress Basics

Super Simple WordPress

Step 1 

Ask for a WordPress site to be setup (via email, for now).

Go to and sign in with your Mercyhurst username/password.

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Step 2
After successfully logging in, you will come to the Dashboard, shown below:
Step 3
Click on the “Pages” tab on the left toolbar. From there you will be able to add new pages or edit existing pages.
Step 4
To add a new page, simply click the “Add Page” button at the top
Step 5
Here is where you will be able to add content to the page you are about to create. Shown below is the general layout of creating a page:
From here, you’ll be able to add rich text (like you would in Microsoft Word; bolding text, italicizing, etc), images and more. Don’t see an option available? On the editing toolbar, there is an option on the far right called “Show/Hide the Kitchen Sink.” Click that option and you will have a full set of editing tools.
When you are ready for your page to go “live” with a new page, click “Publish.” If you have added to an existing page, simply click “Update” instead of “Publish.”
 Not ready to go live yet? No problem!
Simply click on “Edit” next to “Status: Published” and a dropdown menu will appear. From here you can choose “Draft.” Be sure to click “Safe Draft” after selecting this option. If you ever want to publish this page later, you will be able to go back in and publish it.